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  • Why is the odor of spray adhesive so strong in fall and winter?


    Because of poor air ventilation and over-quick bonding, the odor of the spray adhesive could not be released adequately.

  • Why is the bonding strength in winter not as strong as summer?


    Temperature, humidity and correct operation are the three key factors affecting the bonding strength of spray adhesive.

  • The reason behind uneven spray effect and difficult to diffuse.


    Low air pressure and low temperature will increase the viscosity. Higher viscosity will block the spray gun. The phenomenon can be improved by adjusting the air pressure and the flue pipe of the air compressor, adjusting the temperature of the working site, diluting the adhesive and clean the spray gun with cleanser.

  • Why does phenomenon like threadlike adhesive and weak bonding strength happen occasionally on the materials after lamination?


    This is greatly related to the temperature control of the heated roller, thickness of adhesive layer and the dry time after lamination. If the temperature is too low, the applied adhesive is too thick to dry thoroughly, or dry time is insufficient, the above phenomena will happen.

  • Why does the adhesive in the tank become thicker and thicker after applying adhesive through the lamination machine for 1 hour?


    That is because the solvent in the adhesive evaporates in the air. When the adhesive is exposed to the air in a large area, the viscosity of the adhesive will change. Under such situation, add proper amount of thinner into the adhesive to adjust the viscosity until it becomes suitable for application.

  • Why does the adhesive glue on the roller? How to remove it?


    Before applying the adhesive, set the width of the adhesive applying area. Usually adhesive will not be applied onto the material with full width and space will be left on the two sides of the materials to allow the adhesive squeeze out to the area without adhesive under pressure in the lamination process. If apply adhesive onto the material with full width, the adhesive will be squeezed out to the roller. Acetone and toluene can be used to clean the extra adhesive on the roller.

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