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Corporation Culture

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Corporate Objective: To establish a five-star enterprise

Corporate Philosophy: To contribute to the chemical industry with leading technology and superior service

Corporate Mission: To do its utmost to make the best products for community environmental protection

Corporate Policy: To adhere to the science & technology as primary productive forces and to gain credibility by offering excellent services

Corporate Principle: To ensure the best performance of product and minimize the harmful substances

Corporate Spirit: Self-improvement, indomitableness, innovation and development

Corporate Value: Honest, practical, fair, thanksgiving


——BY Darren Liang President

GOOD’s success is owned to both the managering layer, which shows great foresight and has rich professional knowledge, and the GOOD stuff group is duteous and high working efficiency. GOOD people must bring the company to a brilliant future with their hard work and group cohesion.

We offer our employees a broad area for training and challenge them with development possibilities。 We promote on the basis of qualifications for the work to be done and our performance is appraised and rewarded regularly。 Birthday parties, sports meetings, journeys, activities in the open air, corporate publications are organized by ourselves every year to promote the development of corporate culture。

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