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Warmly congratulate that Good Chemical became a certified member of SATRA

Information Sources: 多正化工官方网站   Release Time: 2016-03-24

The China representative of SATRA sent us good news that depending on the corporate goodwill and business strength, Good Chemical under Highnic Group has gained acceptance of membership of SATRA. That means the product competitiveness of the Group can be substantially improved in the international market providing the assistance of SATRA’s strong technology strength and perfect service system.

SATRA technology centre is a UK-based industrial technology organization and considered a leading technical authority for consumer product testing and accreditation of footwear, fabrics, and safety products. Companies from these industries can become members of SATRA to gain exclusive access to SATRA test methods, accreditation, consultancy, research facilities, and technical training and factory production management systems. SATRA will also invite members to attend its technical conferences, seminars, training courses as well as other events held in different places.

SATRA represents the highest level of global footwear technology and is considered a technical authority in the European and US market. Becoming a member of SATRA, therefore, can broaden the domestic and overseas market, improve brand recognition, and thus maintain a better customer relationship. By virtue of SATRA’s strong technical strength, Good Chemical can further stress on R&D of related products and produce more products with benchmark effect.

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